The Encouragers

Southern Gospel is filled with people who have made an incredible impact through their music. But there are quite a few people involved in this genre whose on-stage product is only a small portion of their legacy. I like to call them “The Encouragers.”

Neil Enloe is an excellent example of this. The impact of his singing and his songwriting is vast; as long as there is a Southern Gospel, there will be singers singing “Statue of Liberty.” But I suspect that the secondary impact he has had is even more vast. I could not count the stories I have heard from singers—and perhaps a journalist or two—whom he has found a way to encourage.

There are others: Michael Booth, Kenna Turner West, Dianne Wilkinson, Pat Barker, and the list goes on. Concerts, recordings, and songs contribute to a legacy, but ultimately, the people you touch are your legacy. And the legacy these writers and singers are leaving is massive.

Who are some of the people in Southern Gospel who have encouraged you?