The Essential Songwriter Collection: Beverly Lowry

The Essential Songwriter Collection series lists ten songs each from legendary songwriters that every Southern Gospel fan should add to their collections. The response to Beverly Lowry’s passing last week highlighted how many fans view her primarily as Mark Lowry’s mother, and not as much a songwriter in her own right as she deserves to be remembered.

  • I Thirst: The Cathedrals, High and Lifted Up, 1993. Written by herself; few would question that this is the classic for which she is most remembered.
  • Monuments: Legacy Five, Monuments, 2004. Co-written with Jeff Steele. The Wilburns also did a fine renditino, but Legacy Five’s is monumental.
  • When They Found Nothing: Legacy Five, Just Stand, 2009. The best of her many co-writes with Marty Funderburk.
  • Come On and Join Us: The Perrys, Changed Forever, 2001. Written solo; this one proves her skill at the all-too-rare art of writing convention songs.
  • Across the River: Triumphant Quartet, Triumphant Quartet, 2005. Co-written with Marty Funderburk.
  • The Song of the Lord: All Star Quartets (Michael May, Gerald Wolfe, Jeff Stanley, Michael Means), All Star Quartets, 2000. Co-written with Marty Funderburk. The strongest song on a novelty project that’s largely forgotten these days, this one’s a forgotten gem just waiting to be a hit for someone who brings it back.
  • My Answer is Yes: Brian Free & Assurance, Greater Still, 2003. Co-written with Rebecca Peck. It’s about time for this one to make a reappearance, too.
  • The Ground is Level: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, The Ground is Level, 2003. Written solo.
  • Floatin’ on a Cloud: Blackwood Brothers, 75 Years: The Song Will Go On, 2010. Co-written with Marty Funderburk; this one shows how adept she was at the old-timey quartet style.
  • He Changed it All: The Inspirations, The Journey Ahead, 2003. Co-written with Rebecca Peck.

What are your favorite Beverly Lowry-penned songs?

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