Expository Songs

Six years ago, I began to find and organize songs where the main idea of the song is also the main idea of a Bible passage. (I call this kind of song an “expository song.”) Last year, I started posting my research on¬†expositorysongs.com, with one post for each chapter of the Bible. I posted the final chapters last night.

A few interesting statistics:

  • 10,703 song listings (from approximately 120,000-140,000 songs checked)
  • 9,106 lyric links (85%)
  • 4.404 YouTube links (41%)
  • 4,828 sheet music links (45%)

Despite the scope of this project, this is still a first draft. (Actually, it’s a second draft, since the first public version was Southern Gospel Journal’s Songs from the Books of the Bible series). Lord willing, I hope to continue improving and expanding this resource in the coming years.