God is Sovereign . . . even over Google Maps

I try to refrain from posting much personal here, but this is too amazing to keep to myself!

This evening, I was planning on attending a Crist Family concert. Between church and the concert, I was going to go to a recital by several children from my voice teacher’s family, at their church. I had never been to their church before, but I was under the impression it was on or near a certain divided four-lane highway.

I went to Google Maps, put in the church’s name and city (since I didn’t have an address), and Google Maps gave me an odd route through back roads. I thought for sure the highway would get me there, so I tried to customize the route—yet Google took me back to those back roads.

On my turn onto the final back road, I heard a terrible grinding noise and my car started shaking wildly. I was able to stop it. I stepped outside, and found that the front passenger wheel and tire had almost entirely disconnected and was about to fall off.

I called AAA, and then started listing my reasons to be grateful. The tire didn’t come all the way off. No structural damage was done. I wasn’t hurt, and nobody else was, either. The husband and wife who owned the house even came out—the husband took a look at what was wrong, and the wife brought a glass of ice water. (It was 89° outside, sunny, and humid, so that was a huge blessing.) And, if anything had to happen, it happened on the only lightly-trafficked residential street on the whole route. All the others had medium to high speeds and heavy traffic, and if it had happened anywhere else, there are high chances that there would have been a collision and injuries.

After AAA was on its way with a tow truck, I asked the husband and wife to confirm that the church was down their street, as per the map. They gave me a funny look and said that no, it was down a few other streets and turns. But their son commented that if I did walk down the street, it would dead-end into the church’s yard.

After the tow truck picked up the car, I walked down the street. It was probably less than a mile, though it sure felt like longer with a sunny and humid 89° temperature! I was expecting a post office box for the church, figuring it was the mailing address even if not the parking lot entrance. But there was no mailbox—just a path through the forest to the parking lot. I made it inside in time to catch the final few songs of the first half, and all of the second half. As I’d been hoping might be possible, my friends were even able to arrange to get me home afterwards.

So all in all, I have far more to be thankful for than anything I could complain about. I’m safe, nobody else got hurt, and it happened on a slow-moving dead-end street.

But in the back of my mind, something didn’t seem quite right. I just realized what it was. Why would Google Maps have sent me down a dead-end street that didn’t even take me to the church?

So I put in the same information—the church and city—and ran the same map again. This time, it said to take the 4-lane highway!

God is even sovereign over Google Maps.