CD Review: Gospel Echoes: Treasures from the Stamps Quartet Music Company (Heritage Harmony Quartet)

3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1: Concept. Few Southern Gospel releases can claim to be completely unique, but this is one of them. Shawn Degenhart, lead singer and visionary behind the project, had special access to the Stamps Quartet Music Company’s extensive 5,000+-song catalog. While every Southern Gospel fan recognizes perhaps a dozen of these songs, and committed aficionados might recognize 200, there are still thousands of forgotten gems. Degenhart brings back ten largely forgotten gems (as well as one that is slightly better remembered, “My Nonstop Flight to Glory”).

2: Performances. The performances of these forgotten gems leave nothing to be desired. With a cast including Allison Durham Speer, Stephen Hill, and Mike Allen on vocals, you know it will be good vocally. The instrumental tracks complement the vocal performances perfectly.

3: “Look for the Silver Lining”: With access to a multi-thousand song catalog, you would expect Degenhart to come upon some gems, and he does not disappoint. Of these, the strongest is certainly “Look for the Silver Lining.” It is a wonder this one hasn’t been done far more often.

:1: Nothing: This project accomplishes exactly what it sets out to achieve. Nothing could have made it stronger. It’s sheer delight for the ears of the fan of good convention singing.

Traditional or Progressive: Delightfully traditional!

Radio Single Picks: “Look for the Silver Lining,” “Happy in Knowing.”

Album Rating: 5 stars.

Credits: Produced by: Shawn Degenhart. Review copy provided.

Members: Allison Durham Speer (alto), Stephen Hill (tenor), Shawn Degenhart (lead), Mike Allen (bass).

Song List: Song list: Gospel Echoes; On My Journey Home; My Nonstop Flight to Glory; Wonderful Savior; Happy in Knowing; I’ve Found Something; Look for the Silver Lining; Call Upon the Lord; Tell the World of Jesus; Won’t You Come with Me; God’s Beautiful Somewhere; Wonderful Savior (Bonus Track).