Book Review: Healing in God’s Time (Donna Clark Goodrich)

Even though he spent several years in the Speer Family band, Dave Clark is one of those names you might not know unless you read album credits. But if you do read album credits, you know that—even if he’s primarily known for over twenty #1 CCM hits—the list of Southern Gospel songs he’s written or co-written over nearly four decades is a mile long. His Southern Gospel cuts include:

  • As if the Cross Was Not Enough (Brian Free & Assurance)
  • Closer to You (Cathedrals, Speer Family)
  • Crucified With Christ (Booth Brothers)
  • He Forgets (Legacy Five)
  • I’ve Been There (The Statesmen, Jake Hess)
  • Mercy Came Running (Gold City)
  • Nothin’ But Good (Mike LeFevre Quartet)
  • One More Hallelujah (Florida Boys, Speer Family)
  • Over The Horizon (Ball Brothers, Brian Free & Assurance)
  • Standing On The Promises (The Martins)
  • A Strange Way to Save the World (Brian Free & Assurance, Hope’s Call)
  • That’s What I Am (Gold City)

Through his teen years, he traveled around Michigan on weekends, singing Gospel Music with his sisters. They went by The Clark Family. Over time, his passion for songwriting grew to the point that he moved to Nashville at age 17 to pursue his dream. But even before the move, he began to have issues with chronic throat sores, so severe that he was hospitalized numerous times. These health battles continued through his with The Speer Family and well into his full-time songwriting career.

Healing in God’s Time was written by his aunt, Donna Clark Goodrich. She tells the story of how these severe health issues shaped his faith and his songwriting, and how God eventually brought healing. Even if you didn’t know any of his songs, it would still be a remarkable story—but add his story to his songs, and you have a story you won’t forget for years.

Credits: Washington, DC: Believe Books, 2009. Review copy provided.