Joining Crossroads

I have never measured my value as a Southern Gospel journalist by the distance I maintain from the genre.

Some hold that the more distance you keep from your topic, the more accurately you can write about it. But I incline toward the opposite view: The more contacts and friends I make, the more accurate I am. Over the last few years, I’ve been making contacts and friends at every opportunity. Earlier this month, one of these friends offered me a job.

I have accepted a part-time position helping Crossroads develop artist community sites. This is the same label I helped two years ago at NQC 2008 with TalleyTree-o, and last year with five sites.

I have received the green light to continue this site. There should be so few changes that readers who missed this post probably won’t notice anything different.

I am looking forward to helping artists develop online communities. And I am equally looking forward to keeping this site going, hopefully even stronger and more insightful than before.