Listen. Be blessed. Go home rejoicing.

Before it was the fad, we featured occasional YouTube spotlight posts. Now that everyone else is doing it, we’ve cut back to only including them in Saturday News Roundups. This video, however, deserves an exception.

YouTube user QuartetHarmonyFan recently posted a home video of the final ten minutes of the final Statesmen concert. The first six minutes are talking—a mixture of reflections, a comment from the author of a book on the Statesmen, and even an impromptu photo pose for an audience member. The final minutes are a standing-ovation performance of “Oh, What a Savior.”

It’s the few, fleeting seconds just before the six-minute mark that make this video an unforgettable treasure. Though the master’s touch on the keys is as sure as ever, the cancer that would take Hovie Lister’s life within a month had already taken most of his voice. As he introduces this closing song, he bids the final Statesmen audience goodbye. It would be hard to pen a more fitting epitaph or tribute than those six final, raspy words:


Be blessed.

Go home rejoicing.