Making disciples – not just converts

The Great Commission calls us to make disciples—not just converts. Last night, I heard a presentation from a missionary heading back to Malawi. He reflected on this point, observing: “The church cannot live on converts alone. Converts will not multiply themselves. Disciples will.”

Tens of thousands—perhaps hundreds of thousands—have been converted at Southern Gospel concerts. Some of these have moved forward from the point of conversion to discipleship, to serious study and mentoring under a pastor or other mature Christian of what exactly it means to be a Christian. Of course, others have fallen through the cracks, but the point of this post is not to focus on the negative.

These questions are especially for readers who were converted or have a close friend or family member converted at a Southern Gospel concert—but would also apply to anyone who has observed groups in this area:

What are effective ways you have seen groups point converts to discipleship?

What about when a concert is done in a setting other than the local church?

In this Internet era, have you heard of any groups that follow up with converts online, to give them more of a grounding in the fundamentals of our faith?