An Interview with Nick Trammell

Nick Trammell recently started The Trammells. I interviewed him about the launch of this group.

DJM: I see that you, your wife Jessica, and a third singer named Scott Brand have started a trio, The Trammells. How long has this been in the works?

Nick:. We really didn’t set out to start a group. We were asked to sing at a county Baptist Association meeting in October and just got a few songs together for that. Scott Brand, who is an INCREDIBLE singer, and I met when we were in college. I was with the JSU Show Choir and we went to see the Southern Union Community College Show Choir perform. He sang 1 song as a former member of the choir and tore the house down. We met later that night when everyone went out to eat and became instant friends. He had played with Steve “Rabbit” Easter in the Rabbit Easter Band, and has grown up around Southern Gospel his whole life. Never saw him again after that night until the Mark Trammell Trio Homecoming this year. We talked for a few minutes and I introduced him to Jessica. Before we left, he said “Hey if yall ever want to get together and sing, give me a call!” I don’t think he thought I would take him seriously! So we called him and asked if he wanted to sing that night and he said yes. We practiced a few songs and sang together that night and there were several pastors that asked for contact information so they could have us at their churches. We currently have 3 or 4 concerts scheduled in the area coming up and are just waiting to see what God has planned! Our hearts have always been in the music ministry and we feel like God is opening this door for us to do what we love to do.

DJM: Are you planning to do only concerts in your region, or will you go farther if invited?

Nick: We all have regular jobs and I am still finishing my degree, so we aren’t planning on doing anything outside of the area a whole lot. If, however, the opportunity arises every now and then we aren’t opposed to it. It would really depend on all of our work and school schedules as to if we could make it. Like I said before, we are just following God on this one!

DJM. Any recordings in the works?

Nick: Ha! No recordings yet, I took a tape recorder and taped us practicing a few songs to listen back to and see what needed to be worked on. Thats about it, haha.

DJM: Are you singing the lead part right under Jessica, or does Scott take that part with you singing baritone?

Nick: It will probably be about 50/50. Jessica sang Soprano with her family (The Browns) so she can sing both Scott and I into the clouds, haha. Scott has an awesome lead voice though and I’ll give him the lead part as much as he is willing to take it!

DJM: Anything else you wanted the readers to know about the launch of the group?

Nick: Just pray for us, we are seeking God in every aspect of this and just want to be an encouragement to the church. It is very hard this day in time to be a Christian and take a stand for Jesus. We, just like every other ministry, want to spread the Gospel to the lost and be an encouragement to believers who may be going through “stuff”. If nothing else, just let them know that everything is gonna be ok.

DJM: How can fans and people interested in booking you get in touch?

Nick: We have a few different ways. My e-mail address is [email protected], and my phone number is (256) 504-1414. Now I am bad about screening my calls if I don’t recognize a number lol, and I am in class a lot and can’t take my phone in. So if you get my voicemail, please just leave a message and I will respond quickly. I also have had some friends tell me to keep them updated on if we are singing anywhere so I started a Facebook group page for “The Trammells” with some upcoming stuff on it and will be adding more as it comes along. You can also leave messages on that page if you want to contact us.

DJM: Thanks, Nick!