Question of the Week: Christian Davis

One of the moments that generated the most buzz at this year’s National Quartet Convention was the Wednesday evening appearance by bluegrass superstars Dailey & Vincent. Their new bass singer, Christian Davis, was probably the most familiar face in the group to the NQC audience, since Davis has sung with the Christian Brothers, the Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet, and Mercy’s Mark. After the set, their table was swamped for the remainder of the night, but I did find a couple of minutes to catch up with Christian and get his thoughts on the night and on the experience of being a bass in the bluegrass world.

Daniel: So, you’ve been with Christian Brothers, with Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet, with Mercy’s Mark, but your latest career move came as a surprise on a couple of levels, joining a bluegrass group—largely because bluegrass isn’t known for deep bass singing. How has it been going over in the bluegrass world?

Christian: You know, Daniel, at first, I was kind of a little nervous, ’cause I wasn’t really sure how the bluegrass market would take to a bass singer. And lo and behold, I’ve been here eight months now, and I’m telling you, the bluegrass people have just been wonderful people to sing to, to get to know. And they’ve accepted me, just like part of the family. And that brings joy to my heart, because I’m such a good quartet man, and bluegrass absolutely loves the bass singing! So I’m just really excited about that.

Daniel: So you have stood on NQC mainstage a number of times with traditional Southern Gospel male quartets. What was it like standing on stage with a bluegrass group, instead?

Christian: You know, it’s the same feeling I got when I stepped on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry the first time. It’s a new feeling all over again, and it’s just a fresh adrenaline rush, if you will. It excites me, ’cause bluegrass is not real common within the Southern Gospel world. You’ve got people like Doyle Lawson, and the Primitives, and the Lewis Family, people like that, but it’s not real common in Southern Gospel. So standing on stage with a bunch of gentlemen that love the Lord and can wear out an instrument is just awesome, awesome.

Daniel: One more question. I understand you actually—I’m forgetting which one, but I understand you actually played a brass instrument in high school, and that you’ve been picking up guitar. How has that been going?

Christian: You know, when I first came to this group, I didn’t even know how to hold a guitar. These guys have taught me chords, they’ve taught me chord progressions, different notes and things that I need for bluegrass music. But I’m telling you what, out of the eight months that I’ve been here, I’m loving every minute of it, enjoying playing guitar, and love singing the music that I grew up on, and love singing it for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Daniel: Great! And your website?

Christian:, and you can also check out my website, which is, and you can check out different CDs, different projects, and up and coming projects that I’m working on as we speak.

Daniel: Thank you very much!

Christian: Thank you, Daniel.