Question of the Week: Gerald Wolfe

Daniel: I recently featured a video of the original Greater Vision, plus Pat Barker, singing “Wedding Music.” You posted a comment that there was an interesting backstory involving Greater Vision. Any chance you could elaborate on that?

Gerald: In March of 1991, we were on an In Touch Bible Study Cruise, with Dr. Charles Stanley.  The Talleys were also one of the groups on the cruise.

One afternoon, I was sitting at a table on the Pool Deck, and Kirk came walking up and said “let me sing you this new song I’ve just finished with Phil [Cross].” He proceeded to sing “Wedding Music,” and I immediately knew it was a “hit.”  I told him “we’ll do it!”, and asked him to hold it for us, since we wouldn’t be going into the studio for several months, having just released our first Riversong CD, On A Journey.

A few months later, we were on a concert date with the Cathedrals, and Roger asked me to come to their bus to listen to their new recording…they were in the “final mix” stage of finishing it up.  You can imagine how surprised I was to hear the now-classic version of “Wedding Music”, with George’s signature voice singing the second verse.  Of course, it was immediately obvious to me they did a better job with it than we ever could have, but I was still a little bit surprised that Kirk had sent it to them, without letting me know.

When I called Kirk to “rake him over the coals” about the song being “on hold”, his response was short, to-the-point, typically sarcastic, and very true… “they’ll sell more CDs than you will.”

I replied, “you’ve got a good point”, and we both laughed.  Thankfully, they did record “Wedding Music”, and it became one of the most-requested songs of their final decade of touring.

Looking back, I’m glad I got to be one of the first to hear what would become another “Cathedral Quartet Classic.”  Nobody can sing it like they did!