Question of the Week: Josh Cobb

Daniel: I noticed on Facebook that you recently moved to Cincinnati, and will be doing solo concerts. What can we expect from a Josh Cobb solo concert? Will it be just you with tracks, or will there be any live accompanists? How can you be contacted for a booking?

Josh: Expect to hear some great gospel songs with unique and original arrangements. Don’t expect a lot of comedy or for me to preach. I’m a singer. I believe that music opens people up and then the Holy Spirit can be felt and faith is validated in a real way, enabling Christians to gain confidence and grow. That is what I expect to happen at a Josh Cobb concert. I’ll be singing along with tracks unless the concert is within driving distance of Cincinnati. In that case, my wife Beth will play the piano for me. We have been performing together for almost fourteen years and have a really special program of hymns and southern gospel standards. You can contact me through my website,  I look forward to seeing all of you really soon. Pray for me. Please.

Daniel: Thanks, Josh!