Question of the Week: Josh Cobb

At a Gold City concert last weekend, I had the chance to talk with Josh Cobb and Danny Riley about the upcoming Gold City CD. Here’s what Josh said:

Daniel: Any songs on the upcoming CD that you’re particularly looking forward to?

Josh: Well, yes, there are. As a matter of fact, there’s two. Every night, at our concerts at the table, people walk up to me and they say, “Josh, are you gonna do ‘I Stand Redeemed’ tonight?” It’s really funny how that song has stuck with me for so long. I get emails from people all the time that say that they heard it sung by their choir at church . . . I’ve gotten Facebook friends from the Phillipines that have sent me clips of them singing it! It’s just three little Filipino – little guys that have the hand movements down just like I used to do! So that song has really been a part of my life for a third of my life. So I’m really looking forward to singing that with these guys, with this group of singers. The new arrangement – Gordon Mote, he’s awesome!

I’m also really looking forward personally to singing Michael English’s song “Heaven,” from his 1990 album. He produced it [the Gold City album], and he said that this is the way that he had always hoped it would be. I think he really likes my performance – he got a lot out of me.

It’s really exciting to be a part of Gold City right now! We’re really looking forward to the new album and the next year. It’s been wonderful!

Daniel: Thank you!