Question of the Week: Pat Barker

Every time I ask what you want to see more of here, more interviews always heads the list. So today I am rolling out a new weekly feature, our question of the week.

As I considered who to catch up with for the inaugural question, there was no doubt in my mind who I should email. And fortunately, new Mark Trammell Quartet bass singer Pat Barker was gracious enough to get this series going.

How have you been settling in? Are you done with the move? Any highlights from the road yet?

We are signing on our new house in Gadsden, Alabama on March 15th.  We will be moving the very end of April.  The delay is so that my son Andy can finish his semester at the Christian school he attends. We are very excited about the move.  Most of my family is within a 30 mile radius of Gadsden, and my wife’s family isn’t far from there.

As far as highlights go i don’t think there is enough space to type that on your blog.  From the very first prayer when we stepped on the bus to pulling into the yard this morning it has been one highlight after another.

A few would be:

  • Singing “Master Builder” for the first time.  WHAT A MEMORY!
  • Singing at a men’s Bible conference.  I heard some great preaching from some great pastors.
  • Eating with people from all over the country.  One in particular was Dianne Wilkinson.  We sat in her living room and listened to old records and some new songs.
  • Also, our first date was canceled due to snow, our battery went dead on the way to a concert, and I got a stomach virus on the Singing at Sea.
  • Speaking of Singing at Sea, I got to sing “How Big is God” and “Gentle Shepherd” with Gerald Wolfe at the piano.

It has been one thrill after another.  It was also a joy for me to see Trent Adams on YouTube with the Dixie Echoes. He sounded fantastic.  I could not be prouder of someone than I am of Trent.

We have a lot in store for fans of the Mark Trammell Quartet.  I can not wait to see what the future has in store.  We love and appreciate all of you.  Please keep all of the groups in your prayers.  We need the Gospel today as much as we ever have.  Thank you, Daniel, and all of the bloggers out there.  Keep up the “God” work!

And thank you, Pat!