Question of the Week: Randy Shelnut Jr.

After a recent concert, I caught up with Dixie Echoes baritone Randy Shelnut Jr., known affectionately as “Scoot.” Here is part of our conversation:

DJM: So I understand you have a new CD about to come out. What are some of the highlights?

Scoot: Yeah. It’s called Golden Celebration, ’cause this will be our 50th year in Gospel Music. It’s got some of the hits from the early years, and then one that my dad wrote which was pretty popular, “I’ll Take Jesus.” [It’s got] a few songs that were nominated for Song of the Year, “Suddenly a Rainbow,” “Lord Lead Me Home.

And we got some new old stuff also, like we usually do. One called “Crumbs from the Table” that the Florida Boys did back in the 70s, I believe it was. It hasn’t been heard in a long time. A lady came in our studio and recorded it. Me and dad fell in love with it, so we decided to put it on this one.

It’ll be available in mid-August, and we’ll have it at Quartet Convention, also.

DJM: All-new renditions, or are some of these the actual track you’ve cut before?

Scoot: No – all-new tracks, kinda going our route. We did some of those tracks back in our early days, a little different style, and we kinda decided to make it our thing now.

DJM: All right! And your website?


DJM: Thank you very much!

Scoot: Thanks, Daniel.