Question of the Week: Wes Hampton

After roughly 25 years with Sparrow, former Gaither Vocal Band tenor Steve Green released his first independent solo project a few weeks ago. Love Will Find a Way has less of a contemporary edge than several of his recent projects, with as much or more in common with current Southern Gospel styles than with today’s increasingly edgy CCM.

Of further interest to Southern Gospel fans is the fact that no less than three Gaither Vocal Band members put in guest appearances—Wes Hampton and David Phelps on a three-tenor rendition of “If God is Love” and Michael English on the duet number “Your Grace Still Amazes Me.”

I recently had the chance to catch up with Wes Hampton for a brief Question of the Week on singing with one of his long-time vocal heroes, Steve Green:

I was amazed to have had the privilege to sing on Steve’s latest project. Steve was so kind and easy to work with from the very start. He made me feel like it was his privilege to get to sing with me. I never imagined I would one day get to sing with him. Then to get to sing on a recording with him is crazy! He certainly is the real deal. His new project is really great. Go get it!