An Interview with Robert Fulton

I recently had the opportunity to interview new Gold City tenor Robert Fulton.

Daniel: What sparked your love for and desire to sing Southern Gospel music?

Robert: I’ve always loved music in general for as long as I can remember. In January of 2001, when I was 15, My family moved to an area with a southern gospel radio station. That’s what I really started to fall in love with it. My first Quartet especially will tell you that I knew almost none of what most consider to be classic Southern Gospel. I learned quickly though. It was also around age 15 when I really began singing and quickly discovered that it was all I wanted to do.

Daniel: What groups, local and national, have you sung with prior to joining Gold City?

Robert: My first group was a Quartet based in Gallipolis, Ohio called Forgiven 4. I spent about four years as their tenor, after joining them in March of 2005. With the exception of a couple of long trips, we sang mostly in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.

In January 2009, I joined the Palmetto State Quartet. I sang with them for 2 1/2 years, until I came off the road in July 2011.

In the interim between Palmetto State and Gold City, I led worship at a church and sang various solo concerts throughout my region.

In February of this year, I began singing with Gold City.

Daniel: What do you consider to be Gold City’s all-time three greatest albums?

Robert: This is such a hard question for me! Pillars of Faith and the acapella album for sure, but after that its kind of a toss up. The group has had so many great songs and projects.

Daniel: Any hobbies outside of music?

Robert: Most of my friends will tell you that I am a trivia nut, And that’s absolutely true. I love game shows and quiz shows because of that. LOL.

I love to read, and had become something of a student of a lot of great theologians and thinkers. CS Lewis and NT Wright, as well as apologists like Ravi Zacharias, and Dr. John Lennox. Brilliant men of God!

Less seriously, I love baseball, and am just about the biggest Cincinnati Reds fan on the face of the planet.

I’m also a podcaster now! Me, my brother, and our good friend Terry host a podcast called “Uncommon”. We talked about a little bit of everything, from music and theology to movies to sports. It sort of gives us all a chance to flex our inner geek, for the whole world to hear. Ha ha

Daniel: What motivates you to get out on the road every weekend – to face all the challenges of road life, like the crazy hours and time away from family?

Robert: The gospel of Jesus Christ. I’ve heard it said often that with in the Gospel, there is an impelling “go”. The world desperately needs to hear what it is that we seeing and say every night, And to be transformed by the power of Christ. I can imagine no higher calling than to carry the gospel in whatever way it is that God has given you to carry it. For me that is music. I’m incredibly grateful to be able to take the good news by using a medium that I love so much, and to be a part of this amazing group, with some awesome men.