Song Snapshots #12: Joy Ride (Ivan Parker)

“Joy Ride,” the title track to Ivan Parker’s most recent mainline release, JoyRide (2011), was co-written by Ben Storie, Barry Weeks, and Brian White.

The idea came from Ben Storie: “I just loved that play on words. Life should be a joyful journey; it doesn’t always have to be happy, but it can still be joyful.”

He had never written with or even met either of the other two co-writers prior to working on this song. One day, Storie and Barry Weeks were scheduled to write at the Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing offices. Storie recalls: “Actually, the writing session was just a two-person session. Barry and I worked on it off and on for the better part of a day.”

“We were just really stuck on the bridge,” he continued. “Nothing that we were throwing out was working.” At one point, Weeks stepped into the hall and saw Brian White. “Brian White is a great, prolific writer; anybody that’s familiar with country music would know his song ‘I’ve Been Watching You.’ Barry pulled Brian in, and we cranked out the bridge.”