Song Snapshots #28: Ordinary Man

Song Snapshots is a column featuring the stories behind new and classic Southern Gospel songs.

Several months after Joseph Habedank joined The Perrys, Joel Lindsey invited him to Nashville to co-write songs together. “Joel was the first person to bring me to Nashville to write,” Joseph recalls. “I was eighteen years old. It’s been almost ten years ago.”

One day, they met at Daywind to work on a different song. After they worked on it for a while, Joel said, “I’ve got another idea,” and brought up the idea for “Ordinary Man.” The Booth Brothers were looking for songs at the time, and Joel and Joseph wrote the song with them in mind. (They passed on the song.)

It ultimately took five or six years for the song to get cut. At the time Joel and Joseph wrote the song, it probably would not have occurred to anyone to pitch it to the Kingsmen. But in April 2008, they released a CD entitled When God Ran; its title track became a #1 hit in February 2009.

Joseph Habedank recalls that he was surprised when he heard that The Kingsmen had cut “Ordinary Man”; “It’s not what you think if when you think of the Kingsmen.” But, he added, it made more context in light of “When God Ran”—“That song was an old Contemporary Christian song from back in the ‘80s. In that light, I could understand why they cut it.”