Songs Worth Singing from Philippians 1 (Expository Songs Podcast Episode 16)



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Philippians 1:6: He Who Began A Good Work In You (Steve Green/Jon Mohr) 

Philippians 1:21: To Live is Christ (Sovereign Grace Music/Mark Altrogge, Bob Kauflin) 

Philippians 1:21: To Live is Christ (Charles Billingsley, Shannon Wexelberg, and Scott Krippayne) 

Philippians 1:6: Finish What He Started (Steven Curtis Chapman) 

Philippians 1:6: What You Started (Graham Kendrick): 

Philippians 1:19-23: To Live is Christ (Nathan Clark George) 

Philippians 1:6: When Trials Come (Keith & Kristyn Getty)

Philippians 1:21-25: To live in Christ, is life indeed

Philippians 1:18-28: Better by Far (Trevor Hodge)

Philippians 1:18-26: Of Life and Death (1:18-26) (Psallos (featuring Andrew Peterson)/Cody Curtis) 

Philippians 1:6: Reigning Grace (Now May the Lord Reveal His Face) (John Newton) 

Philippians 1:21: For Me To Live Is Jesus (Luke Morton, Catherine Winkworth) 

Philippians 1:6: We Look to You (Sovereign Grace Music/Joel Sczebel, Matt Searles) 

Philippians 1:6: The Goodness of the Gospel (Sow and Tether) 

Philippians 1:6: Knowing Your Grace (Stuart Townend/Stuart Townend, Terry Virgo)

Philippians 1:21: When musing sorrow weeps the past (Gerard T. Noel)

Philippians 1:21: Let Thoughtless Thousands Choose the Road (Joseph Hoskins)

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