Is Southern Gospel predominantly Arminian or Calvinistic?

Within the last year, I have heard multiple Calvinists express a view that the artists and other industry members of the Southern Gospel genre are predominantly Arminian. Recently, I heard an Arminian opine that the genre is predominantly Calvinistic.

Calvinism and Arminianism are, at their core, two different views of salvation. Arminianism asserts that man can, of his free will, choose to accept salvation. Calvinism teaches that man is dead in his sins, unable and unwilling to choose salvation, until God in His mercy steps in to give life and the ability to believe. Since the brevity of a blog post cannot do justice to either position, here are links to the Wikipedia summaries for Arminianism and Calvinism.

This leads is to today’s poll question. The poll, which is anonymous, asks for your view, and asks if you believe your view is the predominant view. (Participation from fans and industry members alike is equally appreciated.)

[polldaddy poll=5425563]

Feel free to share and elaborate on your answer in the comments below.