Announcing Southern Gospel Journal: An Anthology

Ten years ago, while I was listening to the live radio broadcast of the 2006 National Quartet Convention, I thought: If I started writing about Southern Gospel, would anyone care?

I decided the only way to find out was to try. So I launched this site the following Monday.

Two principles were central: First, take a constructive approach. Second, put up a post every weekday. (Over a seven-year period, I think I only missed one, on a day when a major storm took out power for more than twenty-four hours!)

Early on, a day with fifty readers was a big day. But over time, those two principles started to resonate and interest built. At its peak, the site had over 3,000 unique visitors per day. In 2013, its final full year of operation, it had over a million cumulative daily visitors. I decided to retire the site in 2014. There were several factors, but perhaps the most important was that I realized I had said my piece. I had written over a million words about the music I love (3,175 posts, 1,048,944 words).

I have decided to pick fifty of my best posts to highlight in anthology form. Today, I am pleased to announce the release of Southern Gospel Journal: An Anthology. It is available in paperback and Kindle formats at Amazon:

A news website is inherently ephemeral. Its posts rarely have lasting value. These are the few exceptions.

The search to pick the fifty best was surprisingly riveting. The posts I selected are the ones that made me laugh and made me cry.

Perhaps they will do the same for you.