Six Stuart Townend songs worth revisiting

Whether or not you know Stuart Townend by name, chances are you know some of his songs: “In Christ Alone,” “How Deep the Father’s Love For Us,” and “Power of the Cross.” But he has written other hidden gems; if you don’t already know these, they’re worth another listen.

Christ Be in my Waking

Townend uses the metaphor of a day to petition Christ to walk with us in all the seasons of life, from life’s dawning till its dusk. View lyrics.

From the Squalor of a Borrowed Stable

This is one of Townend’s all-time strongest lyrics. It captures the soarinc arc from the humility of Jesus’ first coming to the majesty of His second. View lyrics.

Here I Stand

Townend might be a senior statesman of modern hymnody, but here he collaborated with a generation senior to his, Bill and Gloria Gaither. This song marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Psalm 62 (My Redeemer, My God)

The lyric explores how our souls find rest in God now and for the rest of our life – and beyond. View lyrics.

Sing We the Song of Immanuel

This song is immediately familiar as a Matt Boswell/Matt Papa collaboration, possibly their strongest. It’s less well known that Townend was a third co-writer. View lyrics.

There is a Hope

This song explores how Christian hope is hope in that which is certain, not that which might happen. Mark Edwards’ soaring melody is one of the finest to which Townend has set a lyric. View lyric.

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