Treasures: The Dream

The Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet put a novelty song on their debut project (The Lamb is King) entitled “The Dream.” Without giving any spoilers, let’s just say that it deals with a fatal car wreck and a bass-singing contest between Christian Davis and Tim Riley.

I first heard this song in summer 2003. A few days after that, I was a passenger in a nearly fatal rollover crash in a big van. I was unconscious during the crash itself, but shortly before and immediately after the crash, this song was on my mind.

Once, I was talking to Robbie Hiner, and I told him that if I had indeed passed away during that car crash, the song “The Dream” would have been basically the last thing on my mind before entering eternity.

His response was (approximately): “Of all the songs I’ve written, that would be the last one I’d want…”

I guess this little story has a moral: If you wouldn’t want a song to be the last thing on someone’s mind, don’t publish it.

(Don’t get me wrong, I really like the song. I have listened to it and enjoyed it dozens of times since. But it was a few months before I could bring myself to listen to it again.)