Translation Series #4: See What a Morning

Keith and Kristyn Getty call themselves “modern-day hymnwriters”; their music, most notably the incipient classic “In Christ Alone,” has helped start a modern-day hymnwriting movement.

Southern Gospel has just started discovering their songs; over the last two years, Lauren Talley, the Booth Brothers, Childress Family, and Rick Webb Family have all cut “In Christ Alone,” and the Booth Brothers recently offered a rendition of “A Higher Throne” that far surpasses the original.

I noticed this trend several months ago and decided to examine their catalog for an entry in this series. It didn’t take me long to arrive at a conclusion: “See What a Morning” was the obvious standout. The powerful lyrics and soaring melody made this a triumphal anthem that is a no-brainer for a Southern Gospel cut.

But here’s where this post gets interesting: Before I had a chance to finish this column, I was in the studio taking some video footage of Revelation, the Northern Ireland southern gospel trio who recently signed with Crossroads, in the studio recording their debut project. They were about to start tracking the first song, and here is what happened:

Revelation’s U.S. debut, Across the Lands, will be released by Pinnacle/Crossroads this November.