Expository Songs from I Chronicles 16

Expository Songs

I Sing Praises (I Chronicles 16:25) (1989)
Terry MacAlmon | Popularized by Integrity Music
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O Worship the Lord (I Chronicles 16:29)
Robert Lowry
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Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness (I Chronicles 16:29)
John Samuel Bewley Monsell
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Other References

We Seek His Face (I Chronicles 16:11) (1998)
Twila Paris | Popularized by Twila Paris
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Sing To The Lord (All The Earth) (I Chronicles 16:23)
Popularized by Maranatha Music
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Great is the Lord (I Chronicles 16:25) (1994)
Michael Kelly Blanchard | Popularized by Steve Green
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I Will Worship You (I Chronicles 16:29) (2000)
Popularized by Matthew Ward
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Joy to the World! (I Chronicles 16:31) (1719)
Isaac Watts | Popularized by The Psalms of Da­vid (1719)
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The Lord is Good (I Chronicles 16:34) (2013)
Popularized by The Hagees
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O Thou God of My Salvation (I Chronicles 16:35) (1769)
Thomas Olivers, Daniel Towner
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He Is Good (I Chronicles 16:34) (1998)
Frank Hernandez, Jeff Nelson | Popularized by Steve Green and Hide ‘Em In Your Heart
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