Expository Songs from I Kings 18

Expository Songs

Elijah’s Prayer (I Kings 18:17-40) (1779)
John Newton | Popularized by Olney Hymns (1779)

He is God (I Kings 18:20-40) (2012)
Joe Parks, Douglas Brock | Popularized by Mylon Hayes Family
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Greater is He (I Kings 18:20-46) (2006)
Jamie Soles | Popularized by Jamie Soles
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Grab Your Umbrella (I Kings 18:41-46) (2018)
Popularized by The Talleys
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Other References

Thou God that answerest by fire (I Kings 18:20-40)
Charles Wesley

Saw ye not the cloud arise (I Kings 18:44)
Charles Wesley
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Choose Ye This Day (I Kings 18)
Popularized by Shirley Caesar and the Caravans
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God’s Grace is Sufficient For Me (I Kings 18)
Rodney Griffin | Popularized by Greater Vision
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Hold Your Ground (I Kings 18) (2017)
Popularized by Barry Rowland & Deliverance

Send Down the Fire (I Kings 18)
Popularized by Primitive Quartet
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