Expository Songs from Isaiah 11

Expository Songs

Behold, a Branch is Growing (Isaiah 11:1-2)
Harriet R. Spaeth, John C. Mattes, Unknown
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There Blooms a Rose in Bethlehem (Isaiah 11:1) (2014)
Neil DeGraide | Popularized by Sovereign Grace Music
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Behold the Mountain of the Lord (Isaiah 11:4-16)
John Logan, Michael Bruce
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We Wait the Peaceful Kingdom (Isaiah 11:6-9)
Kathleen R. Moore
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The Earth Shall Be Filled with the Glory of the Lord (Isaiah 11:9) (1998)
Jeff Millenson | Popularized by Liberated Wailing Wall

Other References

Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming (Isaiah 11:1)
Theodore Baker, Gracia Grindal
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A Cradle in Bethlehem (Isaiah 11:6)
Popularized by Greater Vision
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Kingdom Hymn (Isaiah 11:6) (2000)
Buddy Greene, Edward Miller | Popularized by Buddy Greene
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Peace in the Valley (Isaiah 11:6)
Thomas Dorsey | Popularized by Thomas Dorsey
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The Kingdom (Isaiah 11:6)
Michael Card, Scott Brasher | Popularized by Michael Card
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When The King Comes To Claim His Throne (Isaiah 11:6)
Dianne Wilkinson | Popularized by Mark Trammell Quartet