Expository Songs from Job 14

Expository Songs

Few, few and evil are thy days (Job 14:1-3)
James Mongtomery
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Few are thy days, and full of woe (Job 14:1-15)
Michael Bruce
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Backward with humble shame we look (Job 14:4) (1709)
Isaac Watts | Popularized by Hymns and Spir­it­u­al Songs (1707-09)

The mighty flood that rolls (Job 14:11-14)
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I Will Wait For My Change (Job 14) (1997)
Popularized by Fernando Ortega
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Other References

I’ve Got A Hope (Job 14:1)
Popularized by Carolyn Arends
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Original corruption and actual sin (Job 14:4)
Isaac Watts
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When mortal man resigns his breath (Job 14:5-6)Lyrics