Expository Songs from Numbers 13

Expository Songs

Tis Good to Live in Canaan (Numbers 13:23-27)
Lelia Morris
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Other References

I’ve Pitched My Tent in Beulah Land (Numbers 13:23) (1908)
Margaret Harris

Giants in the Land (Numbers 13:32-33) (1987)
Popularized by Wayne Watson
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A Land where Milk and Honey Flows (Numbers 13)
J.D. Sumner | Popularized by Blackwood Brothers

Canaanland is Just in Sight (Numbers 13)
Jeff Gibson | Popularized by Heaven Bound
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I’ve Passed Over into Canaanland (Numbers 13)
Dianne Wilkinson | Popularized by Kingdom Heirs

Leave Behind the Wilderness (Numbers 13)
Regina Crossno | Popularized by The Inspirations

Milk & Honey (Numbers 13)
Shannon Childress | Popularized by The Hoppers
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Where the Milk and Honey Flow (Numbers 13)
Tommy Nelson | Popularized by The Cathedrals
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Where the Milk and Honey Flows (Numbers 13)
Murray Smith | Popularized by The Statesmen
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With All the Many Miracles (Numbers 13)
Rodney Griffin | Popularized by Greater Vision
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