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Expository Songs

My heart is fixed, O Lord (Psalm 108:1-4)
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Be Exalted, O God (Psalm 108:5) (2007)
Mark Altrogge | Popularized by Sovereign Grace Music

Don’t Forget His Love (Psalm 108) (Psalm 108) (2011)
Popularized by Ellie Holcomb

Fix’d is my heart; my heart’s resolv’d, O God (Psalm 108)
Thomas Cradock

My Heart Is Firmly Fixed (Psalm 108)
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My Heart Is Fixed Lord I Will Sing (Psalm 108)
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O God My Heart Is Fixed I’ll Sing (Psalm 108)

O God My Heart Prepared Is (Psalm 108)
John Hopkins

O God, my Heart is fix’d (Psalm 108)
John Barnard

O GOD, my Heart is fully bent (Psalm 108)
Francis Hopkinson
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O God, my Heart is fully bent (Psalm 108)
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The Thanksgiving of Faith (Psalm 108)
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When Our Hosts to Battle Go (Psalm 108)
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Other References

Drink Deep (Psalm 108:4) (1997)
Popularized by Matthew Ward
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