Expository Songs from Psalm 99

Expository Songs

The Lord Jehovah reigns as King (Psalm 99:1-4)
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Exalt the Lord (Psalm 99)
Popularized by Maskil

God the Lord Is King (Psalm 99)
George Rawson
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God the Righteous King (Psalm 99)
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God’s kingly majesty and holiness (Psalm 99)
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JEHOVAH reigns as King supreme (Psalm 99)

Jehovah reigns, let all (Psalm 99)

Jehovah reigns; let therefore all (Psalm 99)

Jehovah sov’reign King doth reign (Psalm 99)
John Barnard

Reigns great Jehovah; let the people fear (Psalm 99)
Thomas Cradock

The Eternal Lord Doth Reign As King (Psalm 99)
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The God Jehovah Reigns (Psalm 99) (1719)
Isaac Watts | Popularized by The Psalms of Da­vid (1719)
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The Lord Doth Reign Although At It (Psalm 99)
John Hopkins

The LORD God Reigns in Majesty (Psalm 99)
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Other References

Tremble (Psalm 99:1) (2000)
Popularized by Nichole Nordeman
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Exalt the Lord our God (Psalm 99:9) (1984)
Cindy Rethmeier | Popularized by Integrity Music
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