Expository Songs from Revelation 12

This Michael Card song recounts chapter 12 in a manner vivid and almost creepy:

Expository Songs

The Dragon (Revelation 12:1-12)
Michael Card | Popularized by Michael Card
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Let Mortal Tongues Attempt to Sing (Revelation 12:7-11) (1709)
Isaac Watts | Popularized by Hymns and Spir­it­u­al Songs (1707-09)
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Now is come, is come the salvation (Revelation 12:10-12)
John Kent
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Heaven Bound (Rev. 12) (Revelation 12) (2018)
Popularized by Dave Herring

Other References

Revelation Canticle (Revelation 12:1-11) (1995)
John Michael Talbot | Popularized by John Michael Talbot
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Kingdom Hymn (Revelation 12:5) (2000)
Buddy Greene, Edward Miller | Popularized by Buddy Greene
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My Soul Will Overcome (Revelation 12:11)
Robert Lowry
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