Bobby Clark

Bobby Clark’s first professional quartet job was with the Deep South Quartet, which he joined in 1955. During the 1950s, he also sang with the Oak Ridge Quartet and the Rangers Quartet. He joined the Weatherford Quartet in 1961. When Earl and Lily Weatherford left the Cathedral of Tomorrow, he stayed with Glen Payne and Danny Koker to found the Cathedral Trio.

He stayed with the Cathedrals until 1968. He also came back briefly in 1972 before leaving to join the Dixie Echoes for a six-month stint.

He was a Baptist pastor from 1974-1989. For at least some of this time, he was the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Winter Springs, Florida.

He sang with the Men of Music from 1995 through 1998. He then took a several year hiatus from Southern Gospel music. He launched a solo career in 2006.

Singing Career

1955-56 Deep South Quartet
1956-57 Oak Ridge Quartet
1957-61 Rangers Quartet
1961-63 Weatherford Quartet
1963 The Cathedral Trio
1964-68 The Cathedral Quartet
1972 The Cathedral Quartet
1972 Dixie Echoes
? Frontiersmen
1995-98 Men of Music

Personal Discography (incomplete)

  • 1963: Introducing the Cathedral Trio (Cathedrals)
  • 1963: When the Saints Go Marching In (Cathedrals)
  • 1964: Beyond the Sunset (Cathedrals)
  • 1965: Taller than Trees (Cathedrals)
  • 1965: Presenting the Cathedral Quartet, Mariner’s Quartet, Gospel Harmony Boys (Cathedrals)
  • 1965: With Strings (Cathedrals)
  • 1966: With Brass (Cathedrals)
  • 1966: Greatest Gospel Hits (Cathedrals)
  • 1966: Land of the Bible (Cathedrals)
  • ~1968: Family Album (Cathedrals)