The Man I Used to Be

Author: Bill Flurry.
Copyright: Onward Bound Music (ASCAP). Used by permission.
Albums: Climbing Higher and Higher (1990)

1. In a letter from Apostle Paul
He confessed to one and all
That the spirit’s strong, but the flesh is awful weak
Things I should do, I don’t
Things I say I will, I won’t
But my God’s begun a work in me that will one day be complete

And I’m know the man that I ought to be
At times I fall short of what You want of me
And I’m surely not the man I want to be
But thank God, I’m not the man I used to be

2. Just like Paul of old
I keep pressing toward the goal
Forgetting all the things that lay behind
But instead I’ll look ahead
And I’ll go where I’m led
Toward the mark, for the prize that will be mine

Repeat Chorus twice