Listen To Creation


Listen to the galaxies shout for joy
Listen to the ocean roar
Every living thing lifts its voice to sing
Listen to creation magnify the Lord

God just speaks a word
Every kind of bird
Spreads its wings and learns to fly
The woman and the man
And creatures of the land
Make the chorus multiply

Now a minor key
Dissonance we see
There is a competing noise
But if we train our ear
Still at times we hear
Echoes of creation’s joys

There will come a day
Sin will die away
Every voice will join as one
It will come to pass
Perfect praise at last
To the Father, Spirit, Son

Authors & Composers

Written by Daniel J. Mount

Publishing Information

© 2017 Tomorrow’s Hymns/BMI


In 2017, as I was nearly done writing the songs for Somewhere East of Eden, I felt like there was a big hole. A concept album focused on Genesis 1-3 couldn’t all be slow, reflective songs about the curse and redemption. There needed to be an exuberant, joyful song celebrating God’s handiwork in creation.

For months, I had this song’s title in mind. I was pretty sure a song by that title needed to fill that role. But that was all I had for a while!

But then, one day, I was driving to a friend’s child’s basketball game, when the chorus came together in a matter of minutes. It was almost like the song was fully formed and knew what it wanted to be from the start! The verses also came together fairly quickly over the next few days.

Perhaps because of its exuberance and joy, I’ve had several people tell me that this is their favorite song off of the album. I hope you enjoy it, too!

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