Shepherd of the Wayward Lamb


He makes a place to rest in peaceful pastures
The raging waters still as they are told
His rod and staff bring comfort and protection
His sheep are safe inside the fold

(Yet) the Shepherd gazes toward the distant mountains
He searches for the straying ewe or ram
(For) the Shepherd at the calm and peaceful fountains
(Is) the Shepherd of the wayward lamb

I left the fold in search of greener pastures
They never have the grass they claim to hold
The Shepherd saw when I could run no farther
And carried me back to His fold

For the goodness and the mercy that have kept us
Will lead us safely to the Shepherd’s home

Authors & Composers

Daniel J. Mount, Ben Garms

Publishing Information

© 2015 Tomorrow’s Hymns/BMI | The Song Spot/BMI

Scripture References

Psalm 23, Matthew 18:12-13 | The Good Shepherd of Psalm 23 and the Shepherd in the Parable of the Ninety and Nine are the same Shepherd.

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