Bent and Dent Groceries in North Central Ohio

Bent and Dent Groceries in North Central Ohio

Last updated: 1/19/22, removing a closing Bent and Dent. Introduction Bent and Dents are discount grocery stores. The name derives from items that have dented packaging. Other items are soon to expire or have recently expired. But some items are in excellent condition and nowhere near expiration. Sometimes a brand launches a new product (e.g….

Hymn Stories and Hymnology

What resources can you use to learn more about hymns and hymnwriters? Hymn Stories Books of hymn stories are typically targeted to a popular (non-academic) audience. Then Sings My Soul Vol. 1, Robert Morgan: Morgan’s books are the bestsellers for a reason; they’re not too detailed for a general audience, and they’re well-written and engaging….

Expository Songs

Six years ago, I began to find and organize songs where the main idea of the song is also the main idea of a Bible passage. (I call this kind of song an “expository song.”) Last year, I started posting my research on, with one post for each chapter of the Bible. I posted the…

Nadab, Abihu, and the Regulative Principle of Worship

The Normative Principle of Worship is that we may worship God in any way He has not forbidden. In contrast, the Regulative Principle of Worship is that we may only worship God in the ways He has specifically commanded. Reformation-era theologian John Calvin used this doctrine to make the case for only singing Psalms and…

Audience Response

We’ve all heard a tenor or bass singing out of his natural range, a worn-out comedy routine, or a challenging song attempted by someone who isn’t able to do it justice. I cannot tell you how many things I’ve heard justified with this line: “But the audience responded well.” Here’s a little secret: (Most) audiences…